We wanted to help CIOs by offering a unique, and easy to deploy, set of solutions for challenges frequently faced within an organization’s IT function and across all sectors.

Our tool kit solutions take away the pain of CIOs having to deal with recurring complexity giving confidence and assurance with results that are repeatable, cost-effective and time-bound.

The four challenges we solve are: Productivity, Failure Cost, Risk & Security  and Transformation.

SPIN CYCLE Product solutions include:

Productivity Accelerator – designed to capture the resources available to the organization and the work undertaken within the organization.

Rapid Improvement – created to inject energy, urgency and enthusiasm into continuous improvement strategies and designed to deliver rapid results in a very short time frame.

Risk Radar – designed to address the disconnect that often exists between the corporate risk register and IT risks.

Now to Wow! – Our transformation methodology takes a product or service from where it is today and develops a clear direction, roadmap and action plan.

Some SPIN CYCLE Product Benefits includes:

  • All tool kits are ‘Fixed Price’ and ‘Fixed Term’.
  • Guaranteed – we guarantee our products with payments staged monthly
  • If you are not happy with the progress, or results, you do not have to pay!


For More Information Email: info@planum-it.com or call: 07754365260

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