SPIN Cycle Product Tool Kits

We wanted to help CIOs by offering a unique, and easy to deploy, set of solutions for challenges frequently faced within an organisation’s IT function and across all sectors.

Our tool kit solutions take away the pain of CIOs having to deal with recurring complexity giving confidence and assurance with results that are repeatable, cost effective and time bound.

The four challenges we solve are:

Productivity – the UK falls behind Europe and the US on productivity and particularly in IT, struggles to measure and demonstrably improve productivity.

Failure Cost – Organisations are spending between 15% and 40% of their turnover on failure costs and these costs are hidden in waste, rework, downtime, inefficient fulfilment processes and repeat incidents. These sorts of failures dragging CIOs back from innovation and progression. The organisation’s strategy suffers as CIOs have to spend increased amounts of time and energy dealing with unsatisfied users and clients.

Risk and Security – companies facing increased levels of cyber threats and there is a clear need to lift the level of risk management across most if  not all IT organisations.

Transformation – services and products needs to be constantly evolving and cannot stand still. The world’s pace of change has increased and will continue to do, so in order for organisations to keep up services and products needs to be re-invented, transform becomes not just a source of competitive advantage but a necessary process within business.

SPIN Cycle Product solutions include:

Productivity Accelerator – designed to capture the resources available to the organisation and the work undertaken within the organisation. Using our own application to capture the data and show this in an easy to understand set of visuals that allow stakeholders to identify opportunities to improve productivity. Three treatments are available in our ‘Treatment Room’ in the application. These are – automation, optimisation and improvement. The treatments identify the best areas to take action and inform on the benefits of doing so. The application throws up many quick wins that provide fast improvements to productivity as well as the best areas to invest to drive further improvement. Our observation is that most IT organisations have no measure of productivity or method to systematically improve it.

Rapid Improvement – created to inject energy, urgency and enthusiasm into continuous improvement strategies and designed to deliver rapid results in a very short time frame. Fun to work in and inclusive, measured in pounds and easily demonstrable benefits to stakeholders. Repeatable spin cycles offer the opportunity to maintain a very fast pace of improvement, tools and techniques ensure results. Four areas are improved against – Repeat incidents; the frequent things that go wrong, sap energy and time as well as upset users and clients. Repeat Requests; the frequent requests that if inefficient cause delay, frustration and unnecessary cost to the organisation. Top risks; looking ahead at what could cause incidents an heading them off before they happen. Operational Disciplines; the areas where the business needs reliable and consistent process and behaviours so that confidence in delivery of service is assured.

Risk Radar – designed to address the disconnect that often exists between the corporate risk register and IT risks. Supercharges risk discovery, identification and action. Innovative in the approach using specific risk categories to stimulate discovery and Action Oriented Risks to ensure clear action plans and pace in risk reduction. Measured and visualised throughout at three levels – detail, focus areas and holistic giving stakeholders a massively improved understanding of the risk profile. Risks are measured through our ‘Indicative Risk Exposure Value’ which is a financial value that enables clearer investment decision making for those risks requiring investment to address.

Now to Wow! – Our transformation methodology takes a product or service from where it is today and develops a clear direction, roadmap and action plan. Ideas and creative thinking are stimulated through our seven step process and visualised on the Transformation Roadmap enabling clear understanding, challenge and engagement in the process. The results are compelling and delivered at pace. Quick wins are delivered during the 90 days taking the product or service forward. The spin cycle approach allows the organisation to run more than one transformation at once or consecutive transformation cycles to stay ahead.

SPIN Cycle Product Benefits:

  • All tool kits are ‘Fixed Price’ and ‘Fixed Term’.
  • Our all accelerators include guidebooks, project plans, templates and tools and techniques to ensure success.
  • Support is provided with a 30 days onsite consultancy throughout to energise, facilitate and train as well as bring experience.
  • The accelerators are results oriented and all are designed to provide rapid results that are measurable and demonstrable.
  • We train the Core Team during the spin cycle and they receive a certificate at the end, so the process is repeatable at will.
  • Core Team members will be confident in running further spin cycles on their own.
  • Guaranteed – we guarantee our products with payments staged monthly. If you are not happy with the progress, or results, you do not have to pay!


For More Information Email: info@planum-it.com or call: 07754365260